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We understand Waste Management

Facilities responsible for waste disposal and recycling, lacking adequate security measures, become prime targets for criminals. Prioritise the protection of personnel and your premises today. 

The All-Party Parlimentary Group on Metal, Stone and Heritage identifies a surge in metal theft since 2019, costing the UK economy half a billion pounds in 2023 alone. 

With 'zombie batteries' in disposable devices growing in numbers, the National Fire Chiefs Council identified an average of 300 yearly significant fires at waste management sites with fires tending to burn for multiple days. 

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We provide effective solutions to deter and detect thieves on your land or property, while visually verifying the threat of fire.

Waste management facilities are prime targets for criminals, with the abundance of valuable raw materials such as copper and steel stored at these sites making them particularly enticing as intruders are keenly aware of the potential gains.

Moreover, these sites can handle substantial quantities of hazardous waste, posing inherent risks. Waste is combustible, setting the stage for potential disasters. Fire incidents, often resulting from crimes like arson, pose a significant threat. 

Our Safer POD range offers devices specialising in site security and fire detection, all crucial in ensuring the safety of staff and the public alike while protecting your valuable assets.   

Our Choice - The Safer POD® F7

The Safer POD® F7 provides the industry’s highest level of fire detection technology alongside a highly bespoke intruder detection offering. With BS EN 54 compliant clear visual verification of fire threats and thermal detection powered by advanced analytics, the POD® F7 is an essential for any high- profile site/property protection project.


Standard Features

Intrusion Detection System Icon Vector Removebg Preview Intruder Detection
I Interconnectivity Interconnectivity
I Flood Flood Detection
I Smoke Detection Smoke Detection
I Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
I Bespoke Bespoke for Client

Specific Features