The future of site security
is here.

The future of site
security is here.

Introducing Safer Pod S1 Intruder Detection System -
The next generation of site security


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Rapid Deployment


Available 24 Hours Per Day, Every Day


Successful false alarm filtering with video analytics*

* From April 1st 2021 with Safer products.

Green Power

Working closely with one of our clients, we have developed a mobile CCTV Solution able to be deployed anywhere in the UK, year round, powered entirely from wind and solar energy.

Other firms have solar-powered security systems, but they are designed primarily for use in foreign locations or to work on a reduced stand-by capacity. Our solutions takes into account the prevailing weather conditions in countries such as the UK, generating power from both sun and wind and making use of it efficiently without compromising on function.

Deployed successfully for the first time in July 2018, we were the first company in the UK to develop a fully functional CCTV Tower capable of winter deployment in Northern UK without feature or functional limitations.

Our SolarWind Solutions provide a cost-effective solution to clients when compared to the expense of hiring and fueling a traditional generator and significantly reduces project related carbon emissions.

We continue to invest significantly in our Green Solutions and will be unveiling revolutionary new self powered solutions in December 2021.

Reliable Detection

In 2016 Safer Security Group disrupted the temporary site security market with the introduction of advanced AI Image analytics. Overnight we brought a new level of detection capabilities to market which are continually learning and increasing in their effectiveness.

With ultra-high resolution images, wide dynamic range and 24 hour colour technology, our IP cameras feed back into the Safer network where neural networks constantly monitor what’s happening around your site, ready to alert our trained operators to anything deemed suspicious.

With smart technology and innovation at the forefront, we provide not only a powerful deterrent, but also a depth of capability which is second to none.

Since 2016 we have held our position as the leading innovators in our industry relentlessly pursuing the next evolution in detection capability.

Clients of Safer Security Group benefit from the latest technology with complementary upgrades on a regular basis.

No Wires? No Problem

Did you know? Our wireless battery powered cameras have five times the detection range and 10 times the image quality of the industry standard.

Low range detection and low resolution images may be the industry standard but it’s not ours.

The Safer standard for wireless battery powered cameras is far superior.

Our systems come with HD images and advanced AI intruder detection analytics. We wouldn’t accept anything less and neither would our clients.

Contact us for a free trial of our wireless battery powered cameras. 

Number Plate Recognition

Proud to be the first company to introduce ANPR technology to temporary sites in the UK.

Using optical character recognition on CCTV images to scan vehicle registration plates, Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a powerful tool in the fight against crime. 

ANPR eliminates the tedious process of manually recording vehicle information, and captures this data in real time allowing it to be quickly searched at a later date or referenced in real time against known black lists.

Facial Recognition

Until recently the near-sole preserve of law enforcement agencies, facial recognition offers a quick, automatic and seamless verification experience.

Always deployed fully in line with relevant legislation, our facial recognition systems give you the security of knowing that every person on your premises are meant to be there.

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