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We understand utilities and renewable energies.

Protecting, monitoring and managing utilities plants and projects is the perfect application for our proven technologies.

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We work with clients to provide ongoing risk mitigation solutions in some remote and challenging environments, protecting wind farms, solar farms, energy production/distribution sites, reservoirs and quarries.

Our proven solutions for the utilities and energy sectors address many of the common challenges faced by our customers:

  • Large, and remote locations of wind/solar farms with vast areas to protect - technology over manpower
  • Metals used such as copper earthing strips are highly desirable to criminals
  • High priority and urgent nature of reactive repairs needs truly responsive service
  • Upgrades/Repairs to distribution lines requires short-term temporary compounds for materials
  • High level of regulation and personnel training/accreditations required

Our Choice - The Safer POD® S7

The Safer POD® S7 represents our gold standard in intruder detection.

The Safer POD® S7 takes the technology of asset protection and site security to its limits with a best-in-class configurable camera mast setup offering standout thermal detection up to 350m. 

Sporting the widest array of power options possible, including a rechargeable battery, mains, solar and methanol fuel cell, the Safer POD® S7 is the perfect candidate for those larger remote locations like solar farms and reservoirs or quarries. 


Standard Features

Intrusion Detection System Icon Vector Removebg Preview Intruder Detection
I Interconnectivity Interconnectivity
I Flood Flood Detection
I Smoke Detection Smoke Detection
I Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
I Bespoke Bespoke for Client

Specific Features