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Equality & Diversity Policy


Safer Group (hereinafter known as the Company) is intent on advancing equality and diversity as key features within all its activities, as it believes this to be ethically right and socially responsible. Equality and diversity are essential factors that contribute to the strengths of the Company.

The Company Equality and Diversity Policy provides for coordination and implementation at a strategic level and is supported by additional policies that provide for a Company-wide integrated approach to 
equality and diversity.

Commitment to Equality and Diversity:

The Company believes that excellence will be achieved through recognising the value of every individual. We aim to create an environment that respects the diversity of all personnel and enables them to achieve their full potential: to contribute fully, and to derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement within the Company. 

To this end, the Company acknowledges the following basic rights for all members and prospective members of personnel:

• to be treated with respect and dignity; to be treated fairly with regard to all procedures, assessments and choices; 
• to receive encouragement to reach their full potential. These rights carry with them responsibilities and the Company requires all personnel to recognise these rights and to act in accordance with them in all dealings with other member of staff.

In addition, the Company complies with all relevant legislation and good practice. No individual will be unjustifiably discriminated against. This includes, but not exclusively, on the basis of gender, race, 
nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious or political beliefs, disability, marital status, social background, family circumstance, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, spent criminal convictions, 
age or for any other reason.


The Group Chief Executive has overall responsibility for ensuring that the Company operates within a framework of equality of opportunity.

All Management have a responsibility on a day-to-day basis to co-ordinate related activities, facilitate developments and to communicate responsibilities to appropriate personnel. 

The Company recognises that all of its personnel have a duty to support and uphold the principles contained in its Equality and Diversity Policy and supporting policies. The commitment of all personnel is required to make the policy a success.


The Head of People and Culture has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the implementation of those policies that are related to equality and diversity such as Recruitment & Selection, Equal Opportunities and Ethics-Slavery.


This Policy is available to all Company personnel. Training will provide a means by which the Policy and supporting policies are communicated to personnel. The Equality and Diversity Policy will, from time to time, supplement other approved Company policy with codes of practice or guidelines on behaviour and these will be disseminated to the relevant personnel.


Any complaint will be taken seriously and dealt with in a timely and sensitive manner, in accordance with the appropriate grievance and disciplinary procedure.