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We understand rail and civil engineering.

We work with key customers in the rail sector to develop risk mitigation solutions for rapid deployment, often in remote locations.

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Integrating site security and safety solutions within a rapidly deployable solution provides assurance that whatever the requirement, we can help to ensure site compliance, safety and security whenever and wherever you need it.

In an emergency situation, high-value plant and machinery must be quickly deployed to often remote locations – you have to move fast, and so do we. 

We are fully qualified to work in the rail sector, holding RISQS Accreditation for the provision of security systems and health and safety equipment. 

We also have valuable experience of working with the country’s leading rail contractors such as QTS Group, Amco Giffen and BAM.

Safer Group have secured hundreds of temporary compounds and remote works areas in the most remote areas of Scotland for the countries leading rail contractors. 

Our experience in rail has enabled us to develop custom packages specifically for the rail sector offering enhanced value for money.