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Bancon Construction - Newtyle

Ultra HD Analytics cameras, number plate recognition & UHD cameras.


Bancon Construction are part of a bigger company group of civil engineers. They are one of Europe’s largest contractors and employ around 20,000 people globally. They were established over 150 years ago and deliver construction and engineering services across both public and private sectors. Bancon Construction contacted us to request site CCTV security services for one of their sites.


A proposal was carried out on the site and it was found that there were moderate to high levels of crime in the area. This meant that a more advanced method of security management and deterrence of theft would be essential to mitigate any loss and disruption to work progress.


It was advised that in order to protect the site that 5 Ultra HD Analytics Enabled Static Cameras would need to be installed for the compound. Along with this for further security it was proposed that an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera should also be installed. A Safer Scotland Battery Powered POD Unit mounted with 3 UHD Cameras was also recommended. These can last 1 week with one battery and two weeks with 2.


By installing the ANPR camera this meant that only authorised vehicles were allowed on site and any unauthorised vehicles on site would trigger an activation to our monitoring station to be reviewed and someone sent out to the site urgently to investigate. The client was also able to request additional cameras to the system if required, to provide further security to the site. All cameras were remotely monitored by an ACS SIA approved monitoring station. Our Safer Group Battery Powered POD Unit lasts around 1 week and will be replaced by our engineers before the battery runs out.