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We understand retail.

Our mobile security solutions can help protect any retail environment, especially as a deterrent to ever-increasing shoplifting incidents. Our Safer PODs® have been installed in leading retail environments in the UK, working to combat instances of anti-social behaviour and shoplifting.

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At Safer Group, we understand the importance of implementing a robust security strategy within the retail sector. While the threat of theft and vandalism grows, it is paramount that the best technology is used to safeguard your retail sites. 

We have an extensive understanding of the retail space and the unique challenges that it poses to organisations looking to mitigate security threats. Our work within the sector includes high profile projects with household names, all of whom place trust in Safer Group to deliver the latest innovations in site security.

Our innovations, which include the most comprehensive mobile security solutions on the market, are supplemented with a 24/7 monitoring service provided by our expert team. This offering ensures the delivery of the most efficient and effective retail sector security service.

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We've got our eyes open 24/7. 

Our innovations, which include the most comprehensive mobile security solutions on the market, are supplemented with a 24/7 monitoring service provided by our expert team. This offering ensures the delivery of the most efficient and effective retail sector security service on the market. 

Providing continuous surveillance, an immediate response to threats, quick incident resolution and remote monitoring capabilities, our team minimise losses and liabilities while ensuring peace of mind for employees and customers.

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Morrisons - UK Wide

Protecting the assets of a national icon.

Morrisons are one of the UK's largest Supermarket chains. The Morrisons brand is over 100 years old, serving 9m customers a week. Morrisons required Safer POD® S1's, Safer POD® S4's, and Safer POD® S7's, contacting us to provide the solution.

Upon reviewing the situation with Morrisons, we worked together to identify the UK stores that struggled with the highest levels of in store theft (particularly of alcohol) and vandalism. Due to the scale of the issues faced, we worked hard to provide comprehensive solutions.

It was recommended that as a result of the scale of the task faced, we would provide Safer POD® S1's to act as an in store deterrent, while Safer POD® S7's would be positioned outside of stores to monitor during evenings. We would also utilise Safer POD® S4's to combat anti social behaviour in underground car parks and flytipping at some locations. 

The recommendations that we have made to Morrisons have provided peace of mind and assurance that those sites most at risk are fitted out with adequate deterrents and methods of detection to protect assets. All footage captured on the Safer POD® is reviewed 24/7 by our CCTV Monitoring Station to allow for further security.

What do Morrisons think?

"We have been utilising Safer Group's cutting-edge security solutions across our retail spaces. The Safer POD® S1s are deployed inside our stores to support a reduction in incidents and improved safety. The Safer POD® S7s are strategically positioned outside our stores, ensuring a safer environment for both our customers and colleagues. Furthermore, our petrol stations have greatly benefited from the installation of SaferCams, the CCTV solution provided by Safer Group. The clarity and coverage offered by these cameras are unmatched, providing us with the peace of mind that comes with top-tier security infrastructure and have prevented several thefts.Throughout our partnership with Safer Group, the relationship has been characterised by professionalism, responsiveness, and a genuine commitment to our security needs. The team at Safer Group has been instrumental in guiding us through the implementation process, ensuring that each product aligns seamlessly with our specific requirements.

One standout aspect has been the quality of the products. The Safer POD® S1s, S7s, and SaferCams surpass the competition in terms of durability, functionality, and overall performance. The investment in Safer Group's security solutions has undoubtedly been a wise one, proving to be a robust deterrent against potential security threats.I have absolute confidence in recommending their products to any business seeking reliable, state-of-the-art security solutions.

Thank you, Safer Group, for being a trusted partner in our commitment to maintaining a secure and safe retail environment."


Matt Austin, Loss Prevention Manager at Morrisons

Our Choice - The Safer POD® S4

The aforementioned Safer POD® S4 offers greatly enhanced intruder detection technology, with highly advanced state of the art cameras capturing images day or night while bolstered by innovative thermal detection capabilities.

The Safer POD® S4 is highly adaptable, with usage in multiple applications throughout the retail sector. This POD® device is building a reputation in the space, being trusted by some of the biggest names in UK retail. 


Standard Features

Intrusion Detection System Icon Vector Removebg Preview (1) Intruder Detection
I Interconnectivity Interconnectivity
I Flood Flood Detection
I Smoke Detection Smoke Detection
I Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
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Specific Features