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We understand vacant properties.

Data driven strategy is informed through innovative video analytics that provide a wide data set on building use, foot-flow, direction of travel, desk sensors to monitor hot desk usage, access control systems linked to building utilities, ANPR and car park/traffic information.

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We work with a wide range of property management organisations to support the effective management of occupied property portfolios, delivering the benefits of technology innovation and drive optimal efficiency with service certainty.

Safer Group products can help protect your residential or commercial vacant sites and void properties, and all assets within them.  Our industry-leading Safer POD® devices can provide all viewpoints, while also acting as a visual deterrent.  Our Safer POD® range is the only group of security solutions to also provide Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Wireless Smoke Detectors, Wireless Flood Detectors and Wireless Vibration Alarms.

  • Property inspections to complete a wide range of tasks including inventory checks, meter readings, alarm testing, access visits using bluetooth technology, fabric checks, compliance checks
  • ANPR CCTV cameras for automation of car park entry
  • Temporary Fire systems for refurbishments
  • Video analytics to provide a comprehensive range of data sets on building usage and behaviours to inform future resource or service strategies
  • Fever detection thermometers or thermal imaging cameras to provide hygiene certainty for building users
  • Contactless access control systems to reduce touch points in buildings
  • Digital communication boards that enable simultaneous updates via a single platform
  • Provision of AED Defribilators on a short or long-term basis
    Out of Hours tenant or customer helplines and contact centre

Void properties

The effective management of void property requires a holistic approach to provide effective risk mitigation for the unique challenges of void property and evidence compliance with all insurance requirements.

We lead the industry with our innovative escape of water detection sensors, addressing the primary risk for all vacant property.

The protection of large, heritage or listed buildings is an area where we have gained significant experience over recent years, with a proven solution that delivers enhanced protection of property, value and future development aspirations.

Each tailored solution addresses the following key challenges in the sector currently:

  • Risk profiles are unique for every type of different vacant property - never one size fits all
  • Getting correct balance between protection and highlighting property is vacant
  • Big increase in instances of illegal occupation and fly-tipping - cost of clearance and impact on ability to rent
  • Duty of care covers unauthorised occupants of property, regardless of their purpose for being there
  • Increased instance of homelessness and better communication across urban communities and squatters make large properties at a higher risk
  • Fire - key risk for vacant property - shut off utilities and remove combustibles
  • Flood - key risk for vacant property - deploy flood sensors and drain water systems down
  • Urban explorers represent an increasing risk for vacant properties
  • Collation of property information from weekly inspection reports - meter readings

Our Choice - The Safer POD® S1

Our 2019 Rolls-Royce sponsored Innovation and Technology award winning Safer POD S1® is ready to detect and alert our 24-hour manned control room.

Equipped with next generation live spectrum analysis, the Safer POD S1® targets a 30 metre, 360-degree detection zone that is continually scanned for threats - ideal for the protection of vacant sites and properties. 


Standard Features

Intrusion Detection System Icon Vector Removebg Preview (1) Intruder Detection
I Interconnectivity Interconnectivity
I Flood Flood Detection
I Smoke Detection Smoke Detection
I Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
I Bespoke Bespoke for Client

Specific Features