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We understand flytipping

Flytipping is becoming an increasing problem for communities across the UK, both urban and rural, with material health, cost and time implications.

According to stats for 2022 gathered by hippowaste, 1,091,000 instances of flytipping were reported in England. That's almost 3,000 instances a day and an average of one report every 30 seconds!

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Our proven, remote, wireless Safer POD systems provide an effective solution to deter or detect flytipping activities on your land or property.

Secure your property or land from unauthorised access with our 24/7, 365 monitoring team ready to respond to any attempted intrusion. You shouldn't have to deal with rubbish being dumped on your premises. This problematic threat is growing, and is not contained to rural areas. Urban and industrial settings are also at risk, so action to prevent and detect criminals is paramount. 

Using the latest technology, our innovative proven solutions deliver optimal protection for every home or landowner. Our Safer PODs catch criminals in the act, and act as a deterrent to combat the threat of flytipping on your property. 

Our Choice - The Safer POD® S4

The Safer POD® S4 offers greatly enhanced intruder detection technology, with highly advanced state of the art cameras capturing images day or night while bolstered by innovative thermal detection capabilities.

The Safer POD® S4 is highly adaptable, and has experience of being used within the retail space to combat instances of recurring, highly damaging flytipping.


Standard Features

Intrusion Detection System Icon Vector Removebg Preview (1) Intruder Detection
I Interconnectivity Interconnectivity
I Flood Flood Detection
I Smoke Detection Smoke Detection
I Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide
I Bespoke Bespoke for Client

Specific Features