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Our Environmental Commitment

Our pledge to embrace and promote environmentally friendly practices within the site security sector. Safer Group proudly go beyond the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001 and the industry sector we represent. 

We don't exist in isolation. Environmental sustainability requires an industry wide push.

Green practices run through the beating heart of everything that makes us Safer. We work hard to mitigate not just our own, but the site security industry as a whole's ecological footprint by reducing carbon emissions, minimizing waste generation, and conserving resources where possible.

Some examples of this in practice include implementing energy-efficient technologies, such as our range of solar and sustainably powered POD® devices and CCTV systems alongside our pledge to adopt electric vehicles for staff. Such actions not only lower operational costs but also demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

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Safer Group operate an official recycling policy in all of our offices, ensuring our staff dispose of waste in an appropriate manner. This extends to our suppliers. For instance, the inner workings of our Safer POD® devices are delivered prefabricated and ready for install - reducing unnecessary packaging waste associated with the delivery of individual components.

We care about our Carbon Footprint.

We voluntarily participate in a scheme via fuelcard services called 'CO2 Count' in conjunction with Cool Earth to trace and offset the carbon footprint of our fleet of vehicles. Within this scheme, we receive quarterly reports to track our CO2 emissions.

Our vehicles are also tracked and satellite navigation is encouraged to ensure all routes followed are the shortest, most efficient possible. We have implemented EV schemes for our employees, and hope to operate a fully electric fleet in the coming years. 

Safer Group have achieved Supply Chain Sustainability School Silver level, reflecting the level of engagement our organisation has with the school and our active interest in pursuing a green agenda.                                      

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Every contribution matters!

With automatic motion detect lighting installed into our manufacturing hub, and a commitment to reducing our paper usage as an organisation by hosting data in the cloud, we continue to make small changes that contribute a lot to our attempts to lower our carbon footprint. 

Small steps to save the planet!

Safer Group are proud to back the Ocean Bottle scheme. We do this by providing all staff with a branded, reusable Ocean Bottle! For every bottle we issue, 11.368kg of ocean-bound plastic is collected and saved from being a future pollutant.  

As of April 2024, the global efforts of organisations backing the Ocean Bottle scheme have funded the collection of over 11.4 million kg of ocean plastic, which is the equivalent to 1 billion single use plastic bottles.