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Quality Policy


It is the policy of the company to provide its customers with a service that fulfills their specified requirements. To assist this policy, we have prepared and implemented a Quality Management system to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard which also takes into account our organisational context.

The following principles are applied throughout the company:

1) Full commitment of all personnel to delivering a high quality of service. It is also our intention to monitor and improve customer satisfaction levels by collecting feedback from our customers.

2) Full commitment of all personnel to active involvement in making improvements.

3) Full commitment to meeting customer requirements as well as any applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

4) Full commitment to continually improving our quality management system. 

5) Full commitment to ongoing training and development of staff.

6) Full understanding by all employees, of long-term importance of achieving customer satisfaction and their role in ensuring that their failure to meet standards will lead to the company failing to meet customer standards.

7) Appraisal and checks to ensure our approved suppliers understand and meet our quality requirements.

8) All staff are aware of and follow our quality management system, associated procedures and policies and understand the process of continual improvement of our Quality Management System

The ISO system defines the commitments of the company that are employed to ensure Customer Satisfaction. Quality objectives are set annually at management review meetings when this policy is also reviewed and approved.

This policy is available to all staff within the organisation and also made available to any interested parties upon request.