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Taylor Wimpey – Heartlands

Ultra HD Analytics Cameras and Multi-directional camera installation.


Taylor Wimpey was formed as part of a merger in 2007 and have operations in both the UK and Spain. They are one of the largest home builders in the UK who have 24 regional offices around the UK. Taylor Wimpey required site CCTV security services and therefore contacted us to provide this.


Upon carrying out a proposal for this site it was found that there were high levels of crime in the area as well as a high unemployment rate which correlates with an increased risk of theft. This meant that a more advanced security set up was required for this particular site.


It was recommended that 5 ultra HD Analytics Enabled Static Cameras should be installed around the compound as well as 1 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera which is capable of remote directional and zoom control.


These recommendations not only allowed the site manager to access the cameras onsite via and HD display that was installed in their office but also via their own personal device. Along with this, the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera allows for the camera to be moved remotely to check various areas around the camera to cover more ground on site. The cameras are also monitored by our SIA ACS Approved Monitoring Station to allow for further security.