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Use drones to remove risk, save time, save resource, and work smarter.

How it works

Using drones to complete site surveys or audits is becoming increasingly commonplace in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Drone flights can cover vast areas in a fraction of the time compared to traditional manpower, the output of both 2D maps with incomparable accuracy of measurements and 3D terrain models are available on the same day, and available to view online saving time, travel and cost.

All drone services are delivered by CAA qualified pilots.

Service Features


The high-quality images and output models from drone services generate large file sizes, and we have therefore created a bespoke drone service platform to enable full access, collaboration and management of files to deliver maximum across an unlimited number of stakeholders, with all files archived for 6 years as standard.


Using drones to complete surveys and other observation and monitoring tasks removes the risk, time and cost associated with traditional manpower based solutions. Remove the need for additional risk assessments, planning and co-ordination, travel time and cost, and all risks of human involvement to get more for less.


Mitigate the risk of human error in site survey and planning by using the 2D site map produced by the drone survey with maximum certainty. Eliminate future surprises today.


3D site terrain models help to make project planning and programming quicker, easier and more informed. Terrain models can also inform security strategy.


Assess damage to roofs, guttering or remote locations quickly and easily without the need for travel or access equipment.


Flying a drone (with spotlight at night) is a proven deterrent where activity around the site is detected.


Record and monitor the progression of your project from start to finish, regardless of size or duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Some areas of the UK, such as airports or military installations are off limits. Others such as Central London require special permission which has to be requested in advance of filming. It is always necessary to obtain permission from the landowner before overflying private property.

Yes. It is necessary to employ a licensed operator for commercial work in the UK and abroad. All of our Survey Drone operators are registered pilots with CAA ‘permission for aerial work’.

Our multi-rotor aircraft can fly for up to 20 minutes in good conditions (warm temperatures and light winds). 

The range of the aircraft is technically limited only by the flight time. Operators must fly within visual line of sight (VLOS) of the aircraft, generally considered to be 500m from the pilot. In addition to this they must not fly over 400ft above the take-off position.

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